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Get Women To Chase You By Doing These 4 Things

Most guys, if given a choice, would love to have the same magnetism with women that rockstars, actors, and high level businessmen seem to possess in droves. What you may not know, however, is that aside from money and fame, there are plenty of other variables you can control that have just as much of an impact on your love life.

Woman Showing The Desire To Chase A ManThe great thing about being a man is that your level of attraction isn’t tied up solely to how you look. In fact, the way you talk and act can be way more important when it comes to how women perceive you.

With that in mind, here are four tips on how to get women to chase you.  Also be sure to check out the tips from the Girlfriend Activation System.  Apply them today to maximize your charisma and desirability:

1. Make Her Laugh

It’s true that the way to a woman’s heart is through her brain, and if you want to get a woman to chase you, then you need to make her laugh. Tell her a funny story, be observant, and use whatever you have at your disposal to make her giggle, and she’ll find you to be much more desirable.

You can even be self-deprecating as long as you do it confidently, but, whatever you do, avoid making disingenuous jokes at her expense. Putting her down isn’t funny, and it definitely isn’t a turn on.

2. Have A Confident Demeanor

Without heeding to the cliché that women only want to date “bad boys”, it’s still important you make it clear from the get-go that you know what you want and aren’t afraid to go after it. Call it casual confidence. By simply believing in yourself, you exude an air of calm contentedness that sets everyone around you, including women, at ease.


3. Hold Your Ground

This one can be a doozy for guys who aren’t used to being in loving relationships. The natural reaction to having something beautiful in your life is to do everything it takes to keep it near. But when it comes to another fully functional human being, things are not so simple.

Women tend to respect men who stand firm when the situation calls for it. If you don’t like something about your date, the best course of action is to state your objections openly rather than trying to just grin and bear it. Knowing how to strike a balance between being honest and staying courteous can be a really attractive quality in a man.

4. Let Her Make The Choice

The problem with most men is that beautiful women trigger their hidden insecurities. They think they need to go all out in order to get her attention and, as a result, are petrified by the mere thought of rejection.

Attraction, however, goes both ways, so you should feel comfortable letting her have the ball now and then. If you’ve done everything you can to position yourself as a catch, she won’t hesitate to chase you if she’s interested.

These four things are key when it comes to making a magnetic first impression and getting women to chase you. Of course, different women behave differently, so it helps to adapt your approach according to whatever signs she gives you about her level of interest. As always, work to make yourself a well-adjusted individual first and foremost, and your level of desirability to women will rise accordingly.

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